Grammar Trainer 1

Consolidate and widen students' knowledge of vocabulary and structures relating to everyday life.
An excellent teaching support for any course and for class activities.

The Grammar Trainer series comprises 3 volumes of activities dedicated to vocabulary and grammar development across A1 levels and through to B1 level.
The series comes with answer key and is complete with grammar tables.

Grammar Trainer 1 is the first in a series of supplementary photocopiable materials designed for young teenage English language learners at Beginners and Elementary Level. It covers all the essential areas of grammar at this level (A1-A2). Suitable for self-study and can also be given as homework-assignement.

Grammar Trainer 1 includes:

* 46 Grammar Worksheet
* Grammar Tables
* Answer key

Level:  A1 - A2

Other titles in the series are:

Grammar Trainer 2 Elementary (A2)
Grammar Trainer 3 Elementary to Pre-intermediate (A2 - B1)