Wings Level 1

A big man has a big bike. He has a big dog and a big fish too. What will he do?

How can you play music? Here are some ways.

Big Brown Bear is running. Big Brown Bear is skipping. Big Brown Bear is talking. Will Big Brown Bear go to bed?

How do you make fruit salad? This book shows you how.

There are many ways to travel. How can you see them all? This book shows you.

How do you get breakfast? Who is it for?

Happy Hippo is in the rain. Happy Hippo is in the cave. Where does Happy Hippo like to be?

The duck is hungry. The goat and sheep are hungry. Who else is hungry?

A kitten sat by a car. Then she sat by a bike. Where is she going?

I am getting dressed. I look good. Then what happens?

Max jumps over small things. Max jumps over big things. Look out, Max!

I have a car. What is it like?

Why does the doll smile? Why does the doll cry?

Things are in a mess. Who is making the mess?

Birds come to feed. What sends them away?

A sailor sees a big shell. A sailor sees a big fish. A sailor sees a big wave. What will happen?

Ken and Meng and Sam can play. Who can not play? Why not?

What animals can you see?

You can make a funny face. This book shows you.

A girl walks past the playground and the trees. Where can you walk?

Here are the parts of an animal. Which part is it?

There are many shoes. Which shoe will fit?

Children paint numbers and colours. What are they painting?

What are the parts of a plant? What can you do with a plant? This book shows you.

What goes in the toy box? What does not go in the toy box?

The dog eats food and so does the cat. Can you guess what else eats food?

This is Sally’s big red bag. What is in Sally’s big red bag? Who is Sally?

There are many ways to travel. How can you see them all? This book shows you.

A girl likes to jump. She likes to Slide too. What else does she like?

Water is needed by plants and birds. What else needs water?

There is a monster outside the tent. It gets bigger and bigger. What is it?