Wings Level 18-20

Have you ever wondered how a pet dog might think and feel? In this book, a dog tells you about how he found a new home. The way this dog thinks might surprise you!

Hippo is having a party. Bear is invited, but there is no invitation in Wolf’s letterbox. Will Wolf go to Hippo’s party?

A sneaky frog jumps into a bird’s nest and makes out he is a baby bird. The mother bird feeds him and the other birds go hungry. What can they do?

Long ago, a dinosaur hatched form an egg. But she was alone. What will happen to the baby dinosaur?

Marcus likes to sing. But in the school play, the other children make a mistake and he misses his chance to sing. Then a disaster happens. What will Marcus do?

One cold night brings snow, so Max goes sliding down the hill. Then a windstorm comes and the ducklings are missing. All the animals go looking. Will they find the ducklings?

Toby hears a thump against his bedroom window. Is it a dragon trying to get in? Get ready for a big surprise.

Everyone picked the big apples from the old tree, but no one wanted the little apple at the top. What happened to the little apple?

Joan goes into a ‘Paint your Pet’ art contest. She paints her goat. Will she win the prize?

Which animal makes the best pet? How do you know? This book helps you to choose a pet that suits you.

Get birds to come into your garden. How can you do this? What will the birds do?

What are your bones like? What are they for? How many bones do you have? You can find out in this book.

Scientists have always wondered about dinosaurs. Why did they die? How much do you know about dinosaurs? Read this book to find out more.

Have you ever heard a live band play? In this book, a boy tells you about his dad’s band. He tells you about the people in the band and the instruments they play.

Did you know that rivers can get sick? In this book the author tells you how this happens. She also tells you how to keep rivers healthy.

Have you ever seen someone grow green hair? Well Granny Grasshead does. This book shows you how to make Granny Grasshead.

You can make your own go-kart. Find out how in this book. Then have a great time zooming around!

It is important that we look after our skin. Skin helps to keep our bodies safe. This book explains how.

The pictures in this book are from something older than the dinosaurs. Can you guess what the mystery pictures are? They are amazing!

Emily painted ants, a baker, a clown and … Oops! What goes wrong?

Spending the holidays at Nan’s house is great fun. Nan plays basketball, skateboards, and rides a bike. What else can Nan do?

There stood a baby dinosaur and a broken egg. Where will Little Long Neck hide from the pack of hungry hunters? How will he learn to eat and survive?

Max bumps into the beehive and is covered in honey. The bees chase Max over the haystack. Where will Max run to get away from the bees?

Donald’s mum wants a job in Mrs Miller’s pet shop. Mrs Miller is coming for lunch. Can Donald keep their smelly dog, Nellie, clean? Will mum get the job in the pet shop?

Chick wants to play. But everyone is snoozing. Will she find someone to play with?

Bob is a cartoon character. Learn how to make Bob look happy, sad or angry by drawing him in different ways.

How much do you know about cuttlefish? Are they really a fish? Are they clever? Take the quiz to discover all the answers

A manual for raising silkworms, harvesting their silk, using the silk to make a bookmark and preparing for the next season.

Did you know that a horse’s hoof is really its toenail? Read this book to find out more about animals in the horse family.

Have you ever wondered what a magnifying glass is? Where did it come from? How does it work? This book shows you.

Builders, cooks, gardeners and dentists all use tools. Find out about different tools and how they are used. What tools do you use each day?

Do you know what animals live in the sea? Some animals can hurt other animals or people, too. This book tells you what to look out for!