Wings Level 6-7

A monkey thinks he owns a mango tree. He does not let the fox, the bird or the bear eat the mangoes. But another animal tricks the monkey.

Bear plays a trick on Wolf. But Wolf has a trick for Bear too.

It is Bear’s birthday. Greedy Wolf eats all the party food. But Bear has a surprise for Wolf.

It is wet. The king needs new boots. What will he do?

Wag is a puppy. Bossy is an old cat. Can they live together?

The animals are going home. Ted is not going home. Why not?

Little chick is lost. She meets a fox. Will she find her way home?

The king has lost his slippers. The queen helps him to find them. Where do you think they are?

Joan and Mick find a melon. They both want the melon for tea. Who will eat the melon?

Jo helps the frog on her plate. She helps the fish in her bath. But what will she do with the bear on her bed?

A read-along/sing-along book. The little chicks are very hungry. Where is mother hen? What will they get to eat?

Bear and Wolf have rides on a log in the mud. But Bear gets muddy. Will Wolf get muddy too?

Tim wants to kick the ball. The coach says, “"Later.”“ What happens when Tim kicks the ball?

Ling wants to help. But Ling is too little. When can she help?

How is a chicken born? This book tells you.

I went to the beach each day. I went with Grandma. What did I find at the beach?

What is a fish? Is a shark a fish? Find out in this book.

Jelly boats are fun to make. What do you need? What do you do? This book tells you.

You can make a worm farm. It is easy to do. This book shows you how.

Can you make a bridge with paper? A girl tries. She tries many ways. Can she do it?

Where do butterflies come from? How do they grow?

You can play soccer on a table. This book tells you how. It is fun.

Jan is a zookeeper. She looks after the lions. What does she have to do?

Angus thought he was big until he saw the clown. How big is big? Find out with Angus.

Ned and Fred are friends. They do lots of things together and go to lots of places. What do they like most of all?

The octopus tickles the small fish, the big fish and the shark. They say it is not funny. Then the octopus tickles a whale. Will the Whale laugh?

Ling saw all the animals at the zoo. They were sleeping. Then the bear growled. At home, Ling heard a growl. Was it the bear?

Tom and Grandma painted. They had only three colours. How can they get the other colours they need?

What can you do in one second or one minute or one hour? This girl knows what she can do.

Someone is having a shower. Then they are checking the time. They are packing their clothes, too. What are they doing?

Some children have a lot of paper. They play with the paper and make things. But what will they do with these things?

Did you know you have senses in your body? You can feel, hear, smell, see and taste. Read this book to find out how.