Wings Level 24-26

An old man and woman find a little boy inside a peach. They call him Momotaro. Later, a band of mean ogres enter the village and worry the people. Can Momotaro get rid of the ogres?

Cyril the dragon wants to be a pet in the castle, but the king keeps chasing him away. So Cyril plays with the knights and the princesses. What will happen?

The little triceratops travels with the herd to a plain, but she is cut off by a predator as she comes to a river. Will she get away from the predator and reach the herd?

Little Porro was an animal who lived in a tree where he was safe. But he made the tree ill because he ate too much of its bark. So the tree asked the wind to help. How will the wind help? What will happen to little Porro?

The farmers of Granthorpe were happy until a terrible giant stopped the rain and their crops would not grow. Then a blacksmith came to the town. Could the young blacksmith make the giant go away?

Tiffany left her dog, Nelson, at home one day. What could Nelson do to have fun while he was alone? What will Tiffany find when she comes home?

The Law said that no one should enter the great forest of Croland. But Sly Tom goes into the forest at night and steals wood and animals. Will he be caught?

Every day, four winged horses pulled the sun-god, Helios, in his chariot across the sky. His son, Phaethon, wanted to ride the chariot to impress his friends. Helios did not think this was a good idea, but he finally agreed. Can Phaethon hold the horses?

A giant with terrible, unbearable breath came to town. Henry couldn’t sleep with the smell in the air. How could he get the giant to move away?

A king and his people sleep in every day and the land becomes a mess. So he sends servants to find a way to wake him and his people every morning. What do the servants bring back?

Most cities have a blood bank. Why is blood kept at a blood bank? Where does the blood come from? What do workers do there?

A child finds a strange old bottle with a glass marble inside. What did it used to hold? Why was the marble inside the bottle?

How do the gooey centres get inside chocolates? How are hollow chocolates made? Come into the chocolate maker’s factory and find out his secrets.

Some parts of your body stop growing when you get older. Some parts keep growing all your life. How do humans grow? What happens when they get older?

How much do you know about bees? Did you know that bees make honey? What other things do bees do? Read this book to find out.

Did you know there could be wild minibeasts in your garden? Find out about earthworms, earwigs and millipedes. They are amazing!

Most people use plastic every day. What happens to all this plastic when it is thrown away? How can it be recycled? What can be made from recycled plastic?

There are rocks all over the Earth. Where do they come from? How do they change? Find out in this book.

Skydivers use parachutes. What are parachutes made from? How do skydivers train for their sport? What equipment do they need?

Tindo is no ordinary bus. It uses a special kind of electricity that is good for the environment. Find out more in this book.

Water Police patrol our waterways. What are they looking for? What do they do? How do they help us?

Something white blew off the sand and landed in the sea. It makes Crab feel special, and all the sea creatures want it. But what use is the Thing? Is it a danger to the sea creatures?

When the twins find an injured girl, they carry her to their cave, but there is no rule in the tribe about bringing home a Tall One. What will happen to her and the twins?

Perseus must go on a dangerous journey to free his mother from an evil king. Will Perseus find his way and take his place as king?

There was something mysterious about Zak. At night, he tells the campers about a travelling circus and missing tigers. Do you believe Zak’s story?

How have roads changed over time? What materials and machines are needed to build roads? Who suggested using Tar? Why is asphalt used now? What do you find under roads?

Molluscs are animals that live in the sea. Did you know there are over 85,000 different types of molluscs? Read this book to learn more!

Our teeth are always changing. We need them to eat and to speak. How should we look after them? Will your teeth last a life time?