Wings Level 10-11

The king wants to fly high. Then he wants to fly higher and higher. How does he fly? Will he land safely?

Ben wanted to ride on the roller coaster. He went on the swing and the big wheel. He went on the space ship and the monster train. Will he find the roller coaster?

All the farm animals are noisy at night. Will Mr and Mrs Brown ever get to sleep?

Purple elephant wants to play hide and seek. The other elephants hide. Will she find them all?

There was ice on the pond. So Max goes skating. But the fox sees Max and plans to catch him.

The frogs were too noisy. So the mouse left her home in the log. Then she went back but the frogs were not there. Guess who was there?

How many cookies should you have? How deep should you swim? How high should you climb? Trung finds out.

Two children find a secret note on the door mat. It tells them where to go to another note, and then another. Where will they end up?

Sam’s dog makes a mess of things at Nana’s house. Sam tries to fix the things. But they do not stay fixed for long.

Wolf shares cherries with Bear. But Wolf takes more cherries when Bear isn’t looking. Who will get more cherries?

Hippo says there is no room for others in the pool. So the other animals get a boat. Who will fit into the boat?

How does a bean seed grow? How long does it take? How can you turn one ssed into five seeds? This book shows you.

Every Friday night three children make pizza and popcorn for dinner. Where do you think they sit to eat it?

Can you tell a frog from a toad? They are like one another, but they are different, too. Find out how in this book.

There are many kinds of hats. Why do people wear hats? This book tells you.

You can send secret letters. This books shows two ways you can write invisible letters. It is amazing!

A boy watches his uncle make a boat. How did he make the boat? Did it work when he put it in the water?

My new pet needs a cage with a lid. It needs saw dust and a tube and a box. What do you think the new pet is?

What is a skateboard made of? What does it look like? What safety gear do you need? This book shows you.

What foods do you give to a pet horse, cat, dog, turtle, guinea pig, rabbit or hen? Find out in this book.

What is in the sports bag? What is it used for? What do all sports players need?

You can make a telephone with string. You can hear someone talk to you. This book shows you how to make it. It tells you how it works.

You can do good tricks with paper. This book shows you how. Your friends will be amazed.

What’s in the box? What’s in the case? What’s behind the door? Open them and you will find out.

There are so many plants to choose from at the garden shop. A girl has her sister to help her. Which plant will the girl choose?

Dad is taller and heavier than his son. He is faster too. But sometimes being slower can be good.

Hen has lost her eggs down the well. What will happen to them? Can someone help her?

A girl’s parents cover her eyes and take her on a surprise walk. She can feel and hear and smell things. Where will they take her?

At night, Alice can hear the wind, the thunder and the rain. It keeps her awake. What sound will send her to sleep?

Little chick tries to fly. Mother hen, the rooster and Big Bob all try to help. Can little chick do it?

What can you cook with a bowl of fruit? This book tells you what you can make. It is fun.

What are the parts to a bicycle? How do they work to make the bicycle go? Find out in this book.