Wings Level 3

What animals live in a garden? What do they do?

What clothes do you wear in autumn, winter, spring and summer? What do you look like in each season?

The bear is sleepy. The lion is sleepy. Who else is sleepy?

The mean giant yells at the little girl. He looks in her barn. He looks in her bag. What will he find?

One beetle is red. One beetle is small. Which beetles are not the same? Can you find them?

What do very small babies do? A girl tells you about her baby brother.

Most old trains can not go. Some old trains can go.

Tim can walk and run. Jen can roll. Can Tim roll?

Worms eat brown apples in the garden. Worms eat brown bananas in the garden. Will a worm eat the green lettuce?

How do you sound each letter of the alphabet? This song tells you how.

Bear plays with a ball. Then Wolf get the ball. What will happen?

Ben makes a mess. Ben can not fix the mess. Why not?

The elephants play in the water. The last elephant is missing. Where did it go?

Bear likes vegetables. Wolf does not like vegetables. Will he eat them?

Sam’s dog is good. He does what Sam says. Does Dad think the dog is good?

Sam goes one way. The dog goes another way. They see a tree. What happens?

What do I wear to school? Why do I wear fancy things today?

I can open many doors. I can not open one door. Why not?

Here is a letters. Here is letter m. What other letters can you make? What word can you make?

I have hair. There are many kinds of hair.

The body has many parts. This book tells you about some parts.

You were once a baby, but now you are bigger. How have you changed?

Many things have wheels. How do wheels help us?

We put glass and paper in bins. We put weeds and food in bins. Which bins do they go into? Where does it go?

The bird wants the last apple on the tree. So do the rat and the squirrel. Who will get the last apple?

There is a monster outside the tent. It gets bigger and bigger. What is it?

Two white dogs see one red cat. The two white dogs run. The red cat runs. What will happen?

It looks like a worm. Is it a worm? Mother hen plays a trick on the chick.

A boy puts on funny clothes. He rides a funny bike. Then he does something very funny. What will he do?

In every season we eat foods. But what can we grow in summer? What can we grow in the other seasons? Find out in this…

Do you know the difference between a square and a triangle shape? What about a rectangle? Read this book to learn all about shapes.

A girl can swim. She can be a swimmer. She can act and dance, too. What else can she do?