Wings Level 4-5

Six crabs sat on a rock. A dog took one. What will happen to the rest?

Sheep don’t go up trees. But Max does. How will he get down?

The gingerbread man jumped out of the pan. “No one can get me,” said the gingerbread man. Is he right?

The cat chased the mouse. Can the mouse hide? Will the cat get the mouse?

Some things are soft. Some things are hard. Can you sort them? This book shows you how.

Where can you find water? Who needs water?

Kim’s car is a box. Pam’s car is a tub. Which car can go?

Who can play soccer? What are the rules? Find out in this book.

I have a friend. What do friends do?

Take a ride on a truck and a train. Take a ride on a horse and a plane. Where will you end up?

A boy’s grandma is old. How can he help her? How can she help him?.

Chicks don’t say quack. But this chick did. Will the chick say what chicks should say?

A frog is in the class room. The teacher can not see it. Who has the frog?

Ling and mum play. Can Mum find Ling? Where did she hide?

I went shopping. What did I get? What did I do?

Wolf tricks Bear. Bear tells Wolf where to get honey. Will Wolf like it?

Sheep don’t roll down hills. But Max does. One day, the fox saw the sheep.

Meg makes a mess with egg. She makes a mess with banana. Who will like Meg’s mess?

The frog likes the bug. But why does the frog like the bug?

Kim and Trent were in a tent. Funny people come into the tent. Who are they?

“Look at me” said the peacock. “This is my head” The peacock and the elephant show their leg and their neck. But what makes the peacock laugh?

It is pet day at school. Ben and Pat and Nick bring pets. But where is Clare?

Sam plays with his dog. The dog plays well – most of the time.

There is a fly on the bus. It buzzes the people. It buzzes a box. What is in the box?

Tess had a cat. The cat didn’t want milk. What did her cat want?

What do people do at gym? A girl tells you about her gym. It is her sport.

Snails are like slugs. Slugs are like snails. Are they the same? Find out in this book.

There were five little kittens. There was a big brown dog. What will happen to the little kittens?

Grandma is going away. A girl and her mum make pictures for Grandma. Will Grandma see them?

What will Henry be when he grows up? Will he be an artist, a hairdresser or a pianist?

The chick is worried that her feet are too big. Will the other animals think so too? Are they really too big?

Dog is looking for Hen. Cow, Cat and Duck have not seen her. Will Dog find Hen? What will they do?

Can Raj lift a bed or a table? Can Raj lift a pillow or a bowl? Raj can lift a plane. How can he lift a plane?