Wings Level 8-9

You can make a picture of a dinosaur. This book tells you what you need. It tells you how to do it.

Max sees animals in the clouds. Min and Mop see animals on the ground. Then Min and Mop see a fox on the ground. Will the fox get the sheep?

How will my light-bulb shine? I join it to a battery with string, plastic, wool and other things. What will work? Find out in this book.

Wolf sees something scary. Bear and Wolf run, but the scary thing runs too. What is the scary thing? Will they get away from it?

Bill’s bull is ill, he calls the doctors, but the bull does not get well. Then they find out why the bull is ill.

All the elephants can do clever tricks. One can juggle. One can balance. One can swing. But one trick they do together.

Jack and his sheep get wet in a storm. So they go to Mick’s shop to get warm clothes. Then they get a surprise.

Anna wants a dog. Dad does not. Anna tells Dad why it is good to have a dog. Will Anna get a dog?

Joan is going to see the queen, so she puts on her best clothes. The goat thinks Joan’s clothes look good. But what do you think happens?

Nana’s kitten won’t play with Ling. But Ling has a plan. How will the kitten become a friend to Ling?

Sam’s dog chased a cat. So Sam chased his dog, but he could not find him. He was lost. Where did Sam’s dog go?

Bear would like to play in the park. But Wolf does not want to play. Then Wolf wants to play on something. Will Bear play with him?

The sheepdog chased the sheep. So Max chased the sheepdog. What will happen to the sheep? Can Max be a sheepdog?

A rabbit sees two yellow eyes in a bush. What is in the bush? Should the rabbit get closer?

I fell and bumped myself. My family helped me with a band-aid and a sling. But there was another thing that helped me most. What do you think it was?

There are many old things people go to see. There are old planes and ships and buildings. This book tells you about some old things you can see.

We can use scales to weigh things. We can tell what is heavy. We can tell what is light. This book tells you how.

You can make a rainbow fish. You can hang it in your room so it swims in the air. This book shows you how.

On a sunny day, we have a shadow. Our shadow is like a clock. This book tells you why.

A girl has some things that belonged to her great-grandma a long time ago. She has some new things too.

A girl makes pancakes with her mum. She tells you how they did it.

Two children did a project at school about seasons. They tell you how they did it. They tell you about the seasons.

When it rains, what stops the soil from washing away on hills? This book shows you an experiment to find the answer.

Trees give us many things. This book tells you about trees. It tells you why we should look after trees. It tells you why we need more trees.

We use water every day. We waste water every day. This book shows you how we waste water. It tells you why we should not waste water.

We get heat in many ways. The sun makes heat. What other ways make us warm? Find out in this book.

Cody wants to ride to the shop and the park at the beach. Then he wants to ride to the moon. Will he get tired?

The frog sees a dragon in the sky! But the other animals don’t believe him. Is there really a dragon?

Sam hides a coin and tricks his dog and his dad. Then he hides his dad’s book. Can he trick his dad again?

Can you guess what this animal is? It lives in the sea. It has two eyes and no teeth. Read this book to find out more.

A girl and her friends play a game finding shapes. They find circles and triangles. Where will they find squares?

The ants go left and right and up. Where will they go next?