Wings Level 2

Ben has a bath. What goes in? What goes out?

The bird has some yellow wool. It has some pink hair and some purple feathers, too. What is the bird doing?

Cory is getting dressed. But he can not see his clothes. Will Cory find his clothes?

Everyone stops. Why? When will they go?

Where is Max? Can Min and Mop find Max? Can the fox find Max?

You can find things at the beach. It is good to leave them at the beach.

How does a cake get from the shop to home? This book tells you.

My dog has brown fur. My cat has white fur. How else are they different?

The fish and the cat like the sun and the moon. The cat likes fish too. What does the cat not like?

Can Meng get the ball? Can Ben or Carla get the ball? Can Sam’s dog get the ball?

Joan picks vegetables in her garden. Joan picks fruit in her garden. Will she eat them?

Bear is giving away donuts. Wolf wants the last one. Who gets the last one?

There is a lot to do on a farm. There is milking, feeding and fixing. When is it time to rest?

Bear has honey and pizza and pie. Bear lets Wolf have half. Who does the dirty dishes?

Bear is taller than Wolf. Then Wolf is taller than Bear. How can Wolf be taller?

Mum says the room is a mess. Jess says it is not a mess. Who is right?

The king likes jumping. The king likes flying and climbing. But there is one thing the king does not like.

What can you see in the fish bowl? What can the fish see?

There are many kinds of food. This book shows you some.

I am in the garden. Grandpa is in the garden. What do we do?

How do you look after pet guinea pigs? This book tells you.

What is in the box? How does it feel?

The magnet can pick up things. Will it pick up a cork? Will it pick up a spoon? Find out.

A park can be fun. Here is a swing and a slide. What is not fun in the park?

Make a sandcastle. What do you need?

How many ways can you go up? How many ways can you go down? This book tells you some ways.

Animals make many sounds. But which animals can sing?

Some things float. Some things do not float.

Max runs to find animals on a farm. Can Max find the animals? Can you find the animals?

The girl has an umbrella. The old man has an umbrella. Who has no umbrella?

Pasta can look like a worm or a wheel. What other things can pasta look like?

What can my dog see? He can see a cat and a spider. What else can he see?